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Keep the Drive Alive. Bernie Brutalizes Hillary in Washington, Alaska, and Hawaii

Keep the drive alive! Keep the drive alive! Bernie Sanders didn’t just win Alaska, Hawaii, and Washington. He HULKED out (beast voice) beating her by over 30 points in all the states. In some by 40! If media’s pattern holds, you’ll likely not see a big hoopla over the fact the inevitable candidate is having her ‘inevitability’ sternly questioned. Unfortunately for this republic. “The revolution will not be televised.”

I keep hearing “It’s going to be Hillary” as if  they’ve all been talking to one pro-Hillary precog. Mind you. These are the same people that have been wrong about Bernie and Trump this entire campaign season. So let’s be specific. After the drubbing over the weekend, Hillary has 1267 delegates to Bernie’s 1037.  These numbers are in flux, but if my math serves me, that’s a 230 delegate difference.  There are a total of 4051 delegates available, meaning 1747 remain. California alone has 475 delegates.  Don’t misunderstand me. Hillary is leading, and Bernie will have to run the board by significant margins. But it’s not impossible by any means. After all, Bernie is expected win the next several states.

As for super delegates. First, they haven’t made their vote. They’re ‘pledged’. In the same way they were pledged to Hillary against Obama at this time in the 2008 campaign.  Trapped in a circumstantial linguistic irony, the Democratic elite changed their ‘pledge’. How do you change a pledge!? The meaning of a pledge becomes defunct if you can just change it. But yeah. It is changeable. Second. Those same super delegates are karmically powerless. If Bernie takes the lead in delegates, and the democratic establishment gives the nomination to Hillary. She will lose the main election. Those disenfranchised people aren’t going to vote for her. So, like they did in 2008, if the tide of the country chooses Bernie. Chances are, some of those ‘super’ delegates will see the light.

So no. I hear the detractors. The senators trying to gently get Bernie to bow out or stop hitting Hillary. The liberal radio shows that are trying to manage the transition of Bernie voters to Hillary voters. Bernie is not going anywhere. This race isn’t over. And my flame is undiminished. #KeepTheDriveAlive