In the next unfortunate instance of Shame. Shame. Shame. A reporter on intermittently liberal MSNBC got caught telling the truth about media today.


Lawrence O’Donnell asks the clueless gentleman in the video pretending to be a reporter an amazingly interesting question. In a nutshell, why haven’t there been more aggressive interviews with Donald Trump? He admits in order to maintain access to Donald Trump, they go easy on him.


What the hell!? Don’t get me wrong. We already knew this. But you’re not supposed to tell us. You’re suppose to at least pretend you guys have integrity.  A recent study showed the media gave Trump over a billion dollars worth of free advertisement. The guy that lies every time he opens his mouth. The guy that wants to torture Muslims, murder their families, and build a wall between Mexico. This  buffoon is a heart beat away from the presidency because talking heads like the guy above have cynically realized that ‘integrity’ is an expensive commodity, but ‘shameless’ pays pretty damn well.


This stuff isn’t news, it’s entertainment. In the following clip, another guy that plays a journalist on TV, Chris Mathews, questions President Obama on the Transpacific Partnership.


Part of this grotesque trade deal was leaked through Wikileaks. Australian MPs were allowed to see the treaty, but had to sign an agreement stating they wouldn’t disclose the agreement for another 4 years.  The leaked part of the document is online, so I know Chris Mathews and the people on his program has access. Certainly Chris Mathews knows it allows U.S. law to be overturned by an international tribunal if that law adversely affects a corporation’s profits. Certainly Mathews knows it undercuts environmental regulations and will destroy jobs. I waited for the obvious question. The question that one would expect a journalist with even the finest wisp of integrity to ask.


“Mr. President you traveled all across this country telling us how you killed Bin Laden and saved the auto companies. You’ve rightfully claimed credit for the improvement of the economy and getting us out of Iraq. You’re in the game of politics, and politicians tout their successes. If this treaty is as good and as “progressive” as you say – why all the secrecy?  Why hide the treaty until 4 YEARS after it’s signed?


Look at it from another angle Mr. President. Republicans have called you everything but a child of God. A socialist communist Muslim Kenyan that hates America and has worked unceasingly to destroy this country. But on this. The Republican establishment agrees with you completely. Even Mitt Romney came out and said, to paraphrase, the president is right on this and should get it done as soon as possible. Mr. President, you know these guys are shills for the 1%; that doesn’t give you pause?


Obama lied in that interview and Chris Mathews was complicit in allowing him to lie. Left to Obama we wouldn’t know anything about this trade deal.  Whether it was for access or whether it’s because Hardball is part of the democratic establishment – it doesn’t matter. Calling it news is like calling reality TV actual reality.  It’s closer to theater.  If your goal isn’t to get to the truth because you have a competing interest of profit, party, or access; then you’ve failed at your profession. A government can not work without a well informed electorate. It’s not just that you’re personal failures. You’ve literally failed the country.