300,000 people potentially will not be able to vote in Wisconsin due to the legislation passed requiring a voter id. This was done under the pretense of voter fraud. Strange, since there was none. It was also suspicious that the demographics affected tended to vote democrat; blacks, Hispanics, the young. It was obvious enough, but the Republicans let the cat out of the bag.  A congressman in Jersey, giddy after passing his voter id legislation, strongly stated the voter id will help Mitt Romney win the state. Essentially it was done to limit democratic voters.

Here’s the thing. If your ideas are so shitty and ass backwards that you need to literally cripple democracy to maintain your grip on power – change your god damn ideas! It’s bad enough you’ve gerrymandered yourselves into Congress. Affecting the vote is rat level low,  even by Republican standards.

Wisconsin, if it’s any consolation you won’t be the last arm pit of a state to grace these pages.  Your disgrace of a governor, failed presidential candidate Scott Walker, has ruined you.  The gang of idiots you call congress has ruined you. If you had any sense you’d vote the bums out.

Wisconsin … SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!