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Republican Run States Use Lie of Nonexistent Voter Fraud as a Pretense to Suppress Voting Rights

**This was written in 2012 during the wave of states rolling back voting rights after a Conservative Supreme Court ripped the limbs off of the Voting Rights Act. I’m relaunching this due to relevance. While at the Bernie rally, one of the guys I interviewed didn’t realize the purpose of these laws. I predicted in 2012 what we’re seeing now in states like Arizona and Wisconsin. The data is mounting; states that have taken this path have successfully driven down the Democratic vote.  It’s not the only factor, but it is a contributing factor. Essentially, they accomplished their mission. **

Enough about voter fraud! It has nothing to do with fair elections and everything to do with getting Republicans elected; by hook or by crook.

In 1980, Paul Weyrich, founder of the Republican think tank, the Heritage Foundation and ALEC, gave a fiery speech saying, “I don’t want everybody to vote! … our leverage in the election goes up as the voting populace goes down.” He’s right. A Democrat’s chances for election increases with voter turnout. In 2008, every state that showed a significant increase in early voting went from Bush to Obama. All of which are considered swing states for 2012.
The new Republican crusade against voter fraud is a slick lie said through unwavering faces to provide political cover for legislation to suppress voter turnout in order to mitigate an inconvenient demographic shift across the U.S. that favors Democrats. An exhaustive new study found only 10 cases of in-person voter fraud out of 600 million votes cast. Also, any shadow of a fig leaf that would warrant giving Republicans the benefit of the doubt, disintegrated in light of the egregious extents they’ve brazenly gone to exclude millions of legitimate voters: Students, minorities, the poor, and the elderly. Most of which just happen to vote overwhelmingly Democrat.

Pennsylvania’s new strict voter ID requirement finds 758,000 registered voters without the required ID. This includes one-fourth of Pennsylvania’s super voters; people that voted in 50 or more consecutive elections. Republican House Majority Leader Mike Turzai was so proud of the new constraints, in listing GOP accomplishments he boastfully stated,”Voter ID, which is gonna allow Governor Romney to win the state of Pennsylvania, done!” As if the deck wasn’t already stacked enough, a story broke in July that the man in charge of publicizing the new voter requirements in PA works as a fundraiser for Republican presidential nominee, Willard Romney.

Ohio is a must win. A Republican has never won the presidency without Ohio. In addition to voter ID, Ohio Republicans expanded early voting in their districts while rejecting it in Democratic areas. The state ultimately caved to public scrutiny and reduced early voting statewide.

Florida is just as important. In response to this pressure, Florida has invested a hostility towards voting not seen since Jim Crow. Voter ID, cutting early voting, criminal penalties that effectively ended voting drives, and throwing tens of thousands of voters off the rolls. 81,000 fewer new voters have registered as compared to the same time in the 2008. It’s important to note, 59% of newly registered voters in 2008 went for Obama. It also can’t be forgotten that Bush won Florida and by extension the presidency in 2000 by only 537 votes.

Texas’ proposed law would exclude up to 2.4 million people. Hispanics being 46.5% more likely to not have the necessary paperwork. There is also a poll tax of 22 dollars to get the necessary forms. Texas was so shameless, its new voter ID law allowed for a gun license but not a student license. The point being Republicans are more likely to be NRA members whereas students are more likely to vote Democrat.

Mississippi’s proposed voter ID law currently finds 25% of African-Americans without the proper ID.

Iowa secretly purged voters from its rolls saying the new requirements need to be in place before the 2012 election and the “usual notice and public participation” would hamper the process.

Wisconsin’s tried to shave over 200,000 legal voters off the rolls. A special caveat about Wisconsin. The recent battle to destroy unions was not about a budget shortfall. Of the 10 groups that spent the most on political advertising, three were unions. The rest went for Republican interest. Destroy the unions and you cripple Democrats ability to inform voters and rebuff Republican messaging.

Maine’s republican governor tried to end the popular same day registration and voting, but was overruled by a referendum of the people that voted it back into law.

16 states have passed restrictive voting laws that may impact the 2012 election: FL, GA, IL, IA, KS, MS, NH,OH, PA, SC, SD, TN, TX, VA, WI, and WV. These states account for 79% of the electoral votes needed to win the presidency. In an election with razor thin margins, you only need to shave a small percentage of votes to steal the White House. Attorney General Eric Holder is using the Voting Rights Act of 1965 to combat the discriminatory nature of many of these laws. We have to do our part though. Register to vote. Get the necessary identification. Pass the information on to your family and friends and ensure they do the same. Your vote is our voice. Your silence, for whatever reason, is the fulfillment of someone else’s intention. Vote. Or be irrelevant.