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Russia Hacked Podesta and Released His Emails. So What? That’s Not Why She Lost.

Obama has called for an investigation into Russian involvement in the U.S. presidential elections. They’ve released no evidence, but it hasn’t stopped Democrats from pushing the narrative that Russia was responsible for getting Donald Trump elected. First it was Comey, then the upsurge in racist voters, then it was fake news, then it was Jill Stein and Gary Johnson; now it’s Russia. Even if Russia was responsible for the recent hacks, so what? That’s not why she lost.

Lets start by establishing reality, as democrats aren’t seeing clearly while transitioning between the first and second stages of grief; denial and anger.  They’ve yet to reach the necessary fifth stage of grief … acceptance. Accept that they alienated the youth and progressive vote by rigging the primaries against Sanders. Accept they cheated their strongest candidate to select the most establishment candidate money could buy in the most anti-establishment election cycle of our lifetime purely because it was her turn. Accept that the last two democratic presidents pushed or passed immensely unpopular trade agreements, both of which she supported until her less than convincing death bed conversion during the democratic primaries.  Accept that Hillary Clinton is a horribly flawed candidate that offered only two messages to a struggling and justly cynical country, both of which were tone death to what the country needed. I have a vagina, and Donald Trump is a racist, misogynist, incompetent sexual predator, and you’re welcome that I’m saving you from the apocalypse.

To be fair, Trump is all those things, but as he was offending the left, he also said I’m going to save your jobs.  I’m going to protect medicare and social security. I’m going to kill the TPP and and put a tariff on any company that ships jobs abroad and try to sell their products in this country. Yes, Trump is completely insincere, but he’s at least talking about their pains and fear, and to a mass of people, this was an unfortunate more hopeful option than the oppressive dispiriting sameness that showed no paths of relief with the democrats.


For the moment, let’s say Russia did have something to do with releasing the Podesta emails believing a Trump administration would be less rabid towards Russia than a Clinton administration.  Of all the vagaries that occur during American elections, this is the topic the Democratic Party has chosen to scream about? Since the Supreme Court’s destruction of the Voting Right’s Act, Republican states have instituted policies to suppress minority voting as they tend to uniformly vote democrat. Voting machines are black boxes, some of which lack a paper trail to verify that who was selected is what was recorded. The electoral college has for the second time in my lifetime given the presidency to the candidate with the least votes. Federal elections allow parties to hold elections with a vested interest in the results of those elections. We’re talking about emails!? Hacked emails that they’re claiming influenced the election.

The United States has toppled democratically elected governments in the Middle East and Latin American for the past 50 years and installed brutal dictatorial strong men that allowed American corporations to rape those country’s resources. The Bruce-Lovett Report (report resulting from the 1957 committee commissioned to investigate CIA clandestine mischief in the Middle East) describes CIA coup plots in Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Iran, and Egypt. Have we forgotten Iraq? Bush conjured up shoddy evidence, and powered by idiocy and his own ego, attacked a country that had nothing to do with 9/11, deposed it’s strongman, killed upwards of a million people and spent 6.6 trillion dollars to do it. The same George Bush instituted a torture program with an expressed interest in getting the abused to confess to a link between Iraq and Bin Laden that didn’t exist in a failed attempt to justify his attrocity. I don’t want anyone interfering in our elections, but are we really talking about emails!?

Democrats and the DNC, you are directly responsible for giving a thin skinned reality show host control of a trillion dollar a year military and surveillance apparatus with a legal framework that allows for the indefinite detention of American citizens, and allows for U.S. military to engage American citizens on home soil. You don’t get obfuscate the horror story epic-ness of your failure. Every civilian needlessly killed, every year missed to address climate change, every American he hurts by stripping away services and protections, many of which are his own voters; there will be an indelible scar on your souls.  You have 3 more steps. Hurry up.