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Give Peace a Chance? If That Means Voting for NeoLibs or Working With Trump… No.

I’m done. I played the Democrat’s game of least worst and their arrogant brinkmanship and tone deaf ineptness to the economic hurt in America has given us the worst case scenario, Donald Trump. From here on out, Progressives will only vote for candidates that represent our values; if that means cratering the democratic party, then it will be in flames. Does that mean we should give Trump a chance? He had his chance, no. We will not vote for anyone that does not represent traditional democratic values, full stop.

Trump and Kanye West Chicago Tribune

Yesterday, Kanye West was photographed coming out of Trump Towers after a meeting with President-Elect Donald Trump.  In a tweet, Kanye says he talked to Trump about stopping the violence in Chicago in addition to multicultural issues. I accept Kanye’s motives as being genuine, but politically, he is childishly naive. He is a photo op used for political ends. What he doesn’t realize is that people are policy, and one only needs to look at Trump’s cabinet appointments to understand the intended direction of his administration. Trump’s agenda will not just run cross counter to Kanye’s objectives, it will also take direct aim at the masses of people that were so desperate and cynical from Washington’s cronyism, they were vulnerable enough to be conned into thinking a pseudo billionaire in the Republican Party would work in their best interest. They were wrong. And so is Kanye.

If I’ve learned anything in these last 20 years from Republicans, politics is chess and blood sport, and thinking it’s anything else will lose you the debate and the election. Politicians are bribed legally through donations to legislatively affect their wealthy donor’s interest by conjuring arguments to get the public to act against their self-interest and agree to their donor’s position.  The secondary scam being to divide the public with enough chum bait that they can hold their seat in government while pushing their donor’s agenda. Republicans are shameless in pursuing the objectives of the fabulously rich, but Democrats are just as egregious, and hold more of the blame in the state of this country’s decay.

Democrats, by nature are the party of the worker and the people. They have the immensely important responsibility in American governance to be the party most responsive to the poor and middle class and stand in the public’s steed against the party of the rich, republicans. Neoliberalism creates weak democrats because they’re stuck in an existential quagmire of pleasing their donors while being impeached by the entire philosophical spiritual underpinnings of the party’s purpose. When Bill Clinton sold the soul of the party for Wall Street and corporate cash, eschewing the usual democratic constituency of labor, he shifted the party further to the right and in doing so completely decoupled government from the public interest. The people no longer had a capacity to effect their voice and the country officially fell into oligarchy.  Politics nearly completely became a conversation among the rich that kept an illusion of public interest by speaking with a particular false cadence, but legislatively, both parties only responded to the interest of their funders.

When you hear Ted Kennedy screaming “What is the price you want from these working men and women!” on the floor of the senate while painstakingly pushing to pass a 2 dollar minimum wage hike that was being held up by Republican obstruction. When you see Bernie Sanders ferociously defending gays in the military in 1995 or giving a fiery speech refocusing government to attend to the needs of the 99% of Americans, or Elizabeth Warren tearing into Wall Street CEO John Stumpf, after they got caught scamming their customers; something rattles and shines in me that I don’t feel with the typical “democrat”.

As a progressive, this is our red line. Those people are lions, we are lions, and from here on out we vote for only lions. This Faustian bargain of Bill Clinton has played itself out for 30 years and it has brought this country to ruin. A crumbling infrastructure with 20 trillion in debt?  In 2008 Democrats had the presidency, a super majority in the Senate, and the House; they used it to pass a right wing health care plan, that ironically started to go belly up at the end of the election cycle. That certainly influenced how people felt as they made their votes a few days later after the news broke that their rates spiked by an average of 22% . This is at a time when half of the country is literally in poverty, making under 30,000 thousand dollars a year. Half of the country has nothing in savings, and 62% wouldn’t be able to cover a 500 dollar emergency brake job.  Add the insult to injury off wages remaining stagnant over the past 30 years while corporate profits spiked nearly 250% . Even under Obama, a “democrat”, 95% of all the gains made since 2009 have went to the top 1%. After all, Washington is a conversation among the donors as they decide how best to set the rules and craft the national dialogue through a compliant media on how best to enrich themselves, regarding the rest of us with a freezing punitive apathy.

I will no longer play this farce. As a progressive once said, “I am from the democratic wing of the democratic party”, and I will aim cash, voice, and support at any one in the way of my priorities, be it Republican or mealy mouth democrats. I’m done.