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The Left’s Weakness on Challenging War Narratives

I have a particular way about me that drives my wife crazy. When you observe the person you’re talking to under distress over what up to this point was a pleasant conversation, the average person normally backs away out of courtesy. Depending on what it is, I don’t. I observe the distress, the puff of red bubbling into cheeks, the change in speech; what once was jovial is now stilted. He or she is uncomfortable; but they just said something that needs to be addressed and investigated as I need to understand how they understand and perceive reality as it hides something monstrous that their smile and pleasant personality blissfully glides over. If your perspective involves a monstrous consequence, the speaker, in my humble and arguably arrogant for taking such a duty opinion, needs to know it. I don’t care about a difference in opinion on cats and bbq joints; however if life is at stake and lives were lost under this jovial pleasant demeanor; the least that can happen is your own your reality be regarded to see if it’s logically consistent. I am the prosecutor that found a need in defense of life and I am cosmically commissioned to play an unintended role. What is a war hero? Is this an absolute? I’m not running from the conversation, and neither should other leftists if you’re earnestly and morally bent on confronting a war machine that’s murdered millions! These wars don’t stop with just challenging the funding, they also require confronting uncomfortable narratives. No, you’re not going to throw around that xyz created a war hero when the war was a war of aggression and million of murders were attributed to the actions of the people sent over to prosecute those mass murders. I’m an asshole (I’m not), but you’re cosigning murder and at the least you should ensure the pain of discussion.


To be fair, I don’t know an answer here if such exist. But if you’re going to tell me casually that John McCain is a war hero, then my natural question is if the United States had no justification to start that war of aggression that murdered millions of Vietnamese; isn’t the operative question is should John McCain have been over there in the first place, AND, considering it was McCain’s job was to murder innocent people at the behest of the United States government, can we still use the term “hero” for the fingers of power engaged in an immoral action that was caught and detained to prevent him from accomplishing that immoral action? Is that’s not a fair question!? Is some random NAZI captured by Russia and cruelly kept in vile and disgusting conditions in any legitimate context a hero?


First logical premise, we shouldn’t have been there removes all legitimacy for the aggression. The second plank that has to logically fall is if he’s there under illegitimate terms, how can you be considered a hero in any context in a war of aggression? Particularly when he was there to take life by a government that created a false pretext to get him there.


That question is uncomfortable to answer, as the endpoint of the logic is ‘x’ person was involved in the immoral murder of millions! Yes, you can say he was commissioned by his government to take on this ghastly task of murdering people with their own lives and entanglements; mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, children … does accepting an immoral call to do such confer “hero” status?


Noting that here are family members that are in the military that served in Desert Storm; same persistent question from the last condition remains. Why are we in other countries murdering people that are no threat to the United States, and certain that’s not in anyway assisting in my freedom as an American citizen. In fact, I am legitimately arguing the opposite. Every civilian we murder creates a “terrorist” or freedom fighter depending on the perspective; morally justified in their actions against us or our interest.  Estimates range as high as 90% of the people we kill are civilians.  Not only do we not have constitutional or international legal justification to engage in these random wars that drift and sway at the whim of the king (president); we spend trillions creating the monsters we seek to kill. 


I’m done playing this game!! Let’s stop pretending the articulation of force, the hand of the king that goes and does harm and damage to people just like us are priceless heroes when what they’re doing while following orders is monstrous. Let’s stop pretending the narrative created to cover those ghastly murderous actions are somehow okay because they were ordered to do ghastly things. That goes for cops, border agents, and the people abroad in illegal wars murdering civilians at the behest of their corrupt government.

It’s not enough to attack the government that sends them, certainly you have to challenge the narrative that makes those monstrous actions palatable to the society. I care about people being murdered which is what’s taking place under the mass of terms and colloquialisms. Until the left is willing to challenge the narratives surrounding war, those narratives that mask disgusting behavior will persist.  I agree that people have believed things they’ve been told since their inception on the glory of dying or murdering for your country. Ask yourself if what’s taken place over the last 50 years has been for your fellow citizens. An honest look will reveal, “no”.  NO! We’ve engaged in naked murder, period. Until you’re willing to own it and call it what it is, it doesn’t change.