Nate Silver says, “The System Isn’t Rigged Against Sanders”. Wrong Again Nate.

Nate Silver, the polling star that has been consistently and even embarrassingly wrong this election cycle is sure about one thing: “The System Isn’t Rigged Against Sanders”. Sorry Nate. Wrong … again. Don’t get me wrong, Nate makes an awesome argument full of numbers and facts that I’m sure he took his time assembling. Unfortunately, it’s to a […]

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Weak! Weak! Weak! Trump Pulls Even With Clinton

Weak! Weak! Weak! I’d keep listing ‘Weak!’, but I fear I would tumble off my chair dead from hunger or exhaustion before sufficiently listing how weak Secretary Hillary Clinton actually is as the democratic nominee. It’s not just my opinion. Polling across multiple agencies are forming a clear consensus. If the Democratic Party wants to defeat […]


Let Capehart Be Jostled, Larry Wilmore’s, “You Did It My Nigga” Was Fine

Washington Post columnist and opinionist, Jonathan Capehart, was rattled by Larry Wilmore’s epic roast of President Barack Obama at the recent White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner – the President’s last Correspondents’ Dinner. In front of a rather posh and apparently emotionally sensitive Washington insider audience and reminiscent of Steven Colbert’s roast of George W. Bush, […]

Wisconsin … SHAME. SHAME. SHAME!

300,000 people potentially will not be able to vote in Wisconsin due to the legislation passed requiring a voter id. This was done under the pretense of voter fraud. Strange, since there was none. It was also suspicious that the demographics affected tended to vote democrat; blacks, Hispanics, the young. It was obvious enough, but […]

Journalistic Integrity? HA!

In the next unfortunate instance of Shame. Shame. Shame. A reporter on intermittently liberal MSNBC got caught telling the truth about media today.   Lawrence O’Donnell asks the clueless gentleman in the video pretending to be a reporter an amazingly interesting question. In a nutshell, why haven’t there been more aggressive interviews with Donald Trump? He […]