Nate Silver says, “The System Isn’t Rigged Against Sanders”. Wrong Again Nate.

Nate Silver, the polling star that has been consistently and even embarrassingly wrong this election cycle is sure about one thing: “The System Isn’t Rigged Against Sanders”. Sorry Nate. Wrong … again. Don’t get me wrong, Nate makes an awesome argument full of numbers and facts that I’m sure he took his time assembling. Unfortunately, it’s to a […]

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Weak! Weak! Weak! Trump Pulls Even With Clinton

Weak! Weak! Weak! I’d keep listing ‘Weak!’, but I fear I would tumble off my chair dead from hunger or exhaustion before sufficiently listing how weak Secretary Hillary Clinton actually is as the democratic nominee. It’s not just my opinion. Polling across multiple agencies are forming a clear consensus. If the Democratic Party wants to defeat […]

Democratic Conservatism En Vogue

If it wasn’t clear before, the debate in New York made it plain. The New York primary debate was between a traditional Democrat, Senator Bernie Sanders, and a traditionally liberal Republican, Secretary Hillary Clinton.  Remarkably, unfortunately, the Clinton campaign for president has made conservatism en vogue in the Democratic party. For context, the left leaning […]