The Electoral College is a Disaster and Should Be Thrown into the Dustbin of History

If it wasn’t clear before the 2016 Presidential Election, it’s painstakingly clear now; the electoral college is a useless relic of the slave era that should’ve been abolished decades ago. It’s worse than useless actually. In the last 20 years, the electoral college has gone from being functionally irrelevant, to blatantly anti-democratic; in two cases hefting […]

Trump Winning is Not a Sign of Post Truth In America. There Was Never Truth in America

Donald Trump is not a new phenomenon of “post truth” in American politics. Truth, has never been part of the American experience. It’s more insidious than just lying; we’re awash in assumptions that are not representative of our environment. It’s akin to a fish being oblivious of the water flushing through its gills. We’re raised and […]

A Safe Space?

I’m sure you’ve heard the news. The election of overtly racist reality show con man Donald Trump to the once esteemed office of president has brought White nationalism back in vogue as the center of political discourse in Washington. To sane people, this is the setting of a dystopian nightmare. It’s been a couple of […]

Dog Whistle Politics of Trump’s “Make America Great Again”

The scene reeks of poorly conceived fiction. The foul mouthed, persistently bankrupt, TV personality, self proclaimed ‘billionaire’ populous becomes president. At least he’s trying to take the top office. Trump’s modest dominance in the Republican primary has baffled the elites of the party in addition to mainstream thought.  How does this clownish man, armed with […]