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Weak! Weak! Weak! Trump Pulls Even With Clinton

Weak! Weak! Weak! I’d keep listing ‘Weak!’, but I fear I would tumble off my chair dead from hunger or exhaustion before sufficiently listing how weak Secretary Hillary Clinton actually is as the democratic nominee. It’s not just my opinion. Polling across multiple agencies are forming a clear consensus. If the Democratic Party wants to defeat […]


Let Capehart Be Jostled, Larry Wilmore’s, “You Did It My Nigga” Was Fine

Washington Post columnist and opinionist, Jonathan Capehart, was rattled by Larry Wilmore’s epic roast of President Barack Obama at the recent White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner – the President’s last Correspondents’ Dinner. In front of a rather posh and apparently emotionally sensitive Washington insider audience and reminiscent of Steven Colbert’s roast of George W. Bush, […]

DonkeyHotey: Elizabeth Liberty Stopping Captain Obama and Tidal Wave of Trade Aggreements

There’s No Other Way to Say Describe it. The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a Disaster

There are trade deals, and there are disasters. From any perspective where the welfare of the American people is the priority, the Trans Pacific Partnership is an absolute and utter disaster. For context, the Trans Pacific Partnership is an ambitious closed door agreement sewing up 40% of the world’s trade. The countries include Australia,Brunei Darussalam, […]

Democratic Conservatism En Vogue

If it wasn’t clear before, the debate in New York made it plain. The New York primary debate was between a traditional Democrat, Senator Bernie Sanders, and a traditionally liberal Republican, Secretary Hillary Clinton.  Remarkably, unfortunately, the Clinton campaign for president has made conservatism en vogue in the Democratic party. For context, the left leaning […]

Time to Rethink the Drone War

In light of the 17 civilians killed by a recent drone strike in Afghanistan, as Americans, we must come to grips with an uncomfortable truth. American intervention in the Middle East over the last 7 years has not achieved the stated aims of stemming terrorism. To the contrary. Our low regard for civilian deaths has […]